I suppose every would-be blogger has to have a first post to fill this blank empty space that looks so daunting, but what better way for an author to start a blog than by saying “I’ve been signed”!?!?  Well, that’s how I’m starting mine anyway and I’m absolutely delighted to finally be able to share this news with the world.

Choc Lit is the wonderful publisher who have offered to publish my novel Trade Winds – a historical romance set partly in Sweden, partly in the Far East.  I couldn’t quite believe it when I got the much-longed-for e-mail to say they’d like to discuss offering me a contract.  It’s something every author dreams of and it’s impossible to describe the feeling when it happens.  Here’s how they announced it to the world:-

Choc Lit Adds a Historical to its Selection!

Christina Courtenay is the latest new author to secure a publishing deal with women’s fiction specialist Choc Lit. Choc Lit will publish her novel Trade Winds ready for the 2010 Summer market. It will be their first historical women’s title. 

“This is Christina’s debut novel, however she is a talented writer of novellas with two published and a third to be published in 2010. We’re delighted to have Christina join the selection and add a new taste! We’ve been searching for the right historical for some time and Trade Winds is a perfect match for our selection. It’s a gripping story with a Captain Jack Sparrow type hero – except more manly of course!” stated Lyn Vernham, Choc Lit’s Marketing Director.

Trade Winds is based loosely around the Swedish East India Company’s first journey to China in 1731. When a reckless young Scotsman wins a ship in a game of chance, he sails to Sweden to make his fortune. Here he meets a strong-willed merchant’s daughter who has been swindled out of her inheritance.  They embark on a disastrous marriage of convenience and ultimately a daring voyage to the Far East.

Their website (www.choc-lit.co.uk) says that Choc Lit is “where heroes are like chocolate – irresistible!”, and I certainly hope that’s true of the hero I’ve created.  But I’ll leave it up my future readers to decide.

For now, it’s back to reality, which means doing some rewrites.  I don’t mind because hopefully it will make for a better book and at the moment, every step of the way towards publication day feels exciting!