Being a writer, I can claim that all sorts of things that I do are for “research purposes”, which is great.  Going to the cinema (which I’ve been doing a lot lately) definitely counts as research.  You might think that’s pushing it a bit, but seriously, I do get inspired by watching films.  Not because I want to copy the brilliant story lines, but because sometimes just a small snippet of conversation or the face/voice/character of a certain actor can spark an idea for a story of my own.

Take for example Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy – although the actor made him into a believable fantasy king, to me he looked much more like a man from the 17th century.  I have no idea why, but consequently, in my mind he turned into the hero of a novel I was working on at the time which was set in 1645.  His face just fit the character that was inside my head, and voila, there he was. 

There were some wonderful films during 2009 to be inspired by.  My favourites include “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “GI Joe – Rise of Cobra”, “Terminator Salvation”, “New Moon”, “Avatar” and “Sherlock Holmes”.  All pure unadulterated entertainment IMHO – as you can see, I don’t go for the serious stuff.  I hate unhappy endings or depressing tales, don’t want people ranting at me about politics or wars and so called “serious acting” makes me run out screaming.  I just want films to be fun and have that feel-good factor that makes you come out of the cinema with a big smile on your face.  (Well, the popcorn helps too of course, and the chocolate or ice cream …)

So if you want to read serious reviews of Oscar-winning movies, I’m afraid I can’t oblige.  But I’ll happily discuss all the above films any time!

Which is your favourite film of 2009?