This week sees the publication of my third novella, “Desperate Remedies” (My Weekly Pocket Novel No.1712).  It is set during the Regency, a time in history that seems to continue to fascinate people, me included.  I don’t know how much of that is down to the influence of Georgette Heyer, the absolute mistress of this genre, and how much is just purely the effect of the time itself.  Certainly, Ms. Heyer managed to capture the spirit of that period in a way that few (if anyone?) have ever done since and her novels remain some of my absolute favourites.  But it also appears to have been a very special time in British history which, although short, really made its mark.

Either way, I hope readers enjoy this story!

Desperate Remedies” – “What is the real story behind the handsome Lord Synley’s marriage to a woman as old as his mother?  And will Lexie’s secret love for him ever be requited?”